Monday, March 18, 2013

Back to the lab..and the Shea Moisture Deep Conditioning Masque

Wow!So the weekend is over and I'm back in the lab.It was a really good weekend I think,especially since I got some fresh goat meat and made some soup(I'm hungry just thinking about it) and I got to catch some fire from God's presence.I also was able to put in my protective style last night so that was great!
As I said yesterday,I was trying out the Shea Moisture Deep conditioning Masque and I have to say I really loved it as a deep conditioner.I applied some Shea butter mix to my hair and added on the masque for an overnight Deep Conditioning treatment and I have to say that my hair responded really well to it.Also since I have been using the mud wash I have noticed that my hair is softer and more manageable so I guess that was part of it.Both products will be available for sale soon so keep your fingers crossed!
I wanted a simple protective style that would last me a while(3 weeks or and didn't take too long to do so I decided to go with long and slightly big chunky Marley twists.It took me about 4 hours to do because I kept getting up,but they are totally worth it.I used the Fretress Equal Marley hair with a mix of colors because I'm crazy(lol) and it wasn't that bad.I only needed 3 and a half packs for the style I did because it was long.It kind of looks frizzy though so I think I will wrap the hair and make them faux dread locks soon.For today,I simply wore a high bun because we were celebrating my boss's birthday and I think it looks pretty cool.Lemme know what you think.I will let you know how I moisturize them in another post.Till then,stay blessed and fabulous!