Ghana Natural Hair Chick: Featured Hair Profiles

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Featured Hair Profiles

+AfroDiva Nally
One of the very first Ghanaian natural hair bloggers and vloggers,Afrodiva has been natural for 2 years and 5 months.She decided to go natural because of burns
Afrodiva when she first became natural
and scabs from the chemical damage of relaxing her hair and her hair was also brittle and breaking.She was motivated to go back to her natural roots when she hosted an American student who did the big chop.Since then,she has not looked back.Her journey has not been without challenges though,because when she first became natural she couldn't find the products to use for her hair and developing a regimen was especially challenging.She tried to read lots of blogs and watch Youtube videos but since these bloggers were all based outside Africa it was hard to apply some of their techniques and find the products they were using.She is still growing in her journey,but one of the biggest challenges facing her right now is the acceptance of natural hair in the workplace.So far,she has worked in a company that is a bit
Afrodiva at the Blog Camp Ghana Awards in Accra,2013
liberal but even then she has had to dress very carefully to work especially when she has to meet clients.She uses the following products in her hair:
Deep Conditioners-Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise and Cholesterol/Vitalz Hair Mayonnaise
African Black Soap Shampoo
Coconut Oil
Jasmine Oil
Mustard Oil
Shea Butter
Hawaian Silky 14-in-1
Here's encouragement and advice she had for anyone considering going natural or discouraged with their hair:
1.Fire your hair stylist or stop going to him/her for a while.Use this time to take care of your own hair,learn it,understand it and love it.
2.Join Natural Hair Communities.There are so many online.
3.Love yourself.This is the most important thing.
If you want to keep up with Afrodiva on her hair journey as well as learn a few things for your own hair,visit her Youtube channel,her Facebook page as well as her website.She hopes that she can help as many African women as possible to love and rock their natural hair.
Afrodiva and her friend at the Natural Beauty Bazaar

If you have a story about your own hair journey that you would like to share in order to encourage others,please send an email to or post a comment below with your contact information.You don't have to be natural to share!All hair lengths welcome.Thank you!