Ghana Natural Hair Chick: Blowing out your hair:African Threading from Ghana

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blowing out your hair:African Threading from Ghana

Heat may be used to blow out and style hair,but in order to prevent damage to hair the heat has to be used at a low temperature and it has to be used sparingly.Also a heat protectant will help to reduce the risk of damage,but its not a sure fix.So how do you stretch out your hair for a style that requires it?Maybe you want a nice big fluffy fro but your 4C hair isn't cooperating or you just want your hair to look like its actual length.Maybe you're going to braid your hair and want your hair to be smoother so you need to blow it out.If your hair is relaxed or transitioning you may want to stretch your new growth so you can style your hair.This technique is very useful for any of these purposes.It is
-heat free
-chemical free
-hair damage free
-reduces shrinkage.
My mom uses this threading technique all the time(and her natural hair is awesome if I do say so myself) and when I was transitioning she used to do it for me a lot so my hair would be more manageable.Here's the method.

1.Section your hair into small manageable sections and hold each section with a clip.The size and number depends on you,but the general rule of thumb is smaller sections will result in better stretching than bigger sections,but they also take longer.I usually use medium pretty sections,about 6 all over my head.

2.You will need to make sure each section is detangled and moisturized. If its dry spritz on a little water/aloe vera juice and seal with a little oil/shea butter.You will also need hair thread from Africa if you can get it,or regular yarn.You will want to make sure the yarn can be used for braiding hair so it doesn't tangle your hair up.

3.Take one end of the thread or yarn and pull till its about 4 times the length of your hair.Fold that back onto itself so you have a double piece,kind of like looping thread through a needle and getting two pieces of thread joined together.Cut that off.It might help to do one section of hair for starters,use the thread to make sure it will be the length of thread you need,then use that as a template for more thread.

4.Beginning with whichever section you prefer,put your thread/yarn at the bottom of the section.Begin twisting the thread around your hair,making sure that each part of your hair is covered.This motion is hard to describe,but you are kind of rolling or tying the thread around your hair,not like regular twists in your hair.Keep up with this to the tip of your hair and tie the end of the thread well to prevent unravelling.

5.To help you sleep or look sane(lol) because when you're done you will look crazy,tie each section to an adjoining one flat on your head so it looks like a flat twist or corn row.Leave this overnight and that's it!Overnight is recommended because this technique needs a few hours to work.It is also a nice protective style,working well with wigs.If you plan to wear it with wigs,try to make sure you part your hair where your wig is parted and make sure to tie the sections as close to your scalp as possible.

So that's it!I have posted a video below from +AfroDiva Nally to help explain this better.


 Till next time,stay blessed and fabulous!