Ghana Natural Hair Chick: Protecting your hair while swimming and exercising

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Protecting your hair while swimming and exercising

This is one of the things that I personally struggled to find a solution to because when I became natural I was worried I couldn't go swimming again.I love swimming and the thought of not swimming was not appealing so I looked for a solution.Here's how I protect my hair when I'm going swimming, and these tips should help both natural and relaxed hair.

1.Part the hair into four sections.If your hair is in a protective style such as braids or twists please do the same.If its corn rows or flat twists then you can skip this step.
2.Get your bottle of conditioner and apply to each section thoroughly.You can use a cheap conditioner(I use V05),and please make sure that each hair strand is completely covered with conditioner.
3.Apply any oil of your choice on top of your conditioner to your sections of hair.Extra virgin olive oil is what I usually use.
4.You can twist each section of hair up if you can.If you can't then you can cover with a swim cap and you're good to go.I have also swam without a swim cap several times,and I do apply conditioner and oil to my hair before I swim so my hair is usually fine.However a swim cap is recommended.
5.After swimming,wash your hair thoroughly with clean water and use a good shampoo to wash your hair.After that you can apply conditioner or deep condition and you are good to go!

When I'm exercising a lot(like right now I exercise everyday) I wash my hair at least twice a week,once a week with conditioner and the next time with a clarifying mudwash. This helps to prevent sweat and salt buildup on my scalp.After washing I usually deep condition and then style my hair.
So that's it!Depending on how active you are,I hope this post is helpful to you!