Ghana Natural Hair Chick: About Me..and this blog

About Me..and this blog

 I am a butterfly with diverse interests and completely at peace with myself for being a butterfly(so no conversion
My name is Yvonne and I am Ghanaian.I am a very proud graduate of St Roses Senior High School and KNUST,Kumasi.Currently, I am still in school(looks like I'm addicted to school) doing some crazy stuff in Biology and Neuroscience and I absolutely love it,and everything else that I do.I  run a non profit(One Cedi Foundation)with 2 really interesting projects right now that if I talked about would fill the whole page(haha).
I have been natural since August 2012 and being African I realised that a lot of people had issues with their hair being natural so I started this blog.My newest dream is to get natural hair products into the hands of my hair sisters in Ghana and all of Africa so that they can take care of their hair.I know a lot of people would love to go natural but feel that its too diffeicult and their hair is too hard to deal with.My hope in writing this blog is to make it easy for everyone to take care of their hair and to enjoy their hair in its natural state.
Finally,I am the author of Love,Life and Laughter(, and of course Ghana Hair Chick( am glad to meet you!