Ghana Natural Hair Chick: My Regimen

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Passive income online-FREE registration and training
Passive income online-FREE registration and training

My Regimen

Since I have been natural for a short while,I have learned that having a schedule for your hair and sticking with it is important so you can get used to taking care of your hair.It takes a little more time to begin but eventually very little time.

I wash my hair every other week because that's when I can make time.If I have time or I have been swimming then I wash it more often(like once a week).On Friday night,I put a mixture of conditoner,oil and water on my hair,wear a shower cap and leave it for 30 minutes.I then use my fingers to detangle my hair and remove knots.After that I wash my hair with a conditioning mudwash.I use it because I don't wash my hair often so it helps me to remove any toxic products that may be in my hair especially since I swim.This product usually leaves my hair very clean and soft.I then go ahead and deep condition with either a homemade deep conditioner or ORS deep conditioner.I put the conditioning treatment in my hair,cover with two shower caps because I don't want a mess,cover with my satin bonnet and off to bed!
In the morning I rinse out the conditioner,wrap my hair in a towel to soak some water and put on a leave in(Cantu Shea Butter Leave in) while my hair is damp.Then I put my hair into 4 -6 large sections and apply my Shea Butter and Oil Moisture sealing creme to each section.I usually just twist my hair after this with no other products except if I'm experimenting with something.

2.Protein and Hot Oil Treatments
I do a protein treatment about once every 2 months,especially after I take my hair out of protective styling to repair whatever damage may be present due to the style.I also sometimes do it if I notice my hair is weak and in that case I do it once a month.I use my own home made protein treatment(which I hope to share with you soon).I  leave it on overnight and rinse it off the next morning.
I use  a blend of oils for a hot oil treatment once a month.I usually heat up the oil,apply it to my hair and leave it on,warm a damp towel and wrap it around my hair which is under my shower cap and then wash it out about 2 hours later.

3.Daily Moisturising
I use water and Aloe vera juice mixed in equal parts in a spray bottle to spritz my hair(usually before bed).I then apply my shea butter mix to seal in moisture and use a little oil mix to massage my scalp and edges since scalp massage stimulates growth and thickens hair.I cover my hair with my satin bonnet and then off to bed!In the morning depending on how my hair is styled,I simply put a little  oil on my fingers before styling my hair.

4.Protective styling
Since I became natural the one thing I've been trying to do is to maintain a balance between protecting my hair in order to grow it out and also enjoying it.Because of this I try to do what I wanna do with my hair,but I also make sure there's no damage.I don't use heat on my hair at all and I don't plan to for a while.My favorite protective style is just regular two strand twists under a wig or a beanie cap.I however also braid.I put my hair in braids after my big chop,left it in for 2 months and took it out.Unfortunately my hair was so matted when I took the braids out that now I don't keep braids or twists for more than 4-6 weeks at a time.Besides,I get bored and miss my hair so that works out!I try to do protective styling every month and take about a two week break with just two strand twists and then I'm back to protective styles. I've also done Senegalese twists,kinky twists and dreadlock extensions in the past.So long as I can do the style myself,I do it when I want because I'm trying to be

I will try and take pictures for you so you see what I mean eventually.I hope this helps someone out.
PS:As of March 2013 I no longer use combs in my hair.I only use my fingers now to reduce strain on my hair and hopefully retain good length.Till next time,stay blessed and awesome!