Ghana Natural Hair Chick: Styling braids or twists:The simple tie and tuck

Monday, April 22, 2013

Styling braids or twists:The simple tie and tuck

This hairstyle is a very simple,quick and convemient one for when you need to do something different with your briads or twists and don't have time,need a nicer  look or just want your hair out of your face.You don't need anything and I particularly like it because I don't have to put bobby pins in my hair,which I really don't like.Whenever I put any pins in my hair,I end up taking them out because I feel uncomfortable.Not so for this style.

1.Push all your braids straight back from your face.If you want a part in there somewhere,part the braids where you want it.Otherwise all of your hair will need to be back.

2.Take about half a handful of braids/twists in each hand from each front side of your hair and tie it loosely at the back of your hair.This is the tie part of the name.Loosely so you don't pull out your edges,and not too many braids so the knot doesn't remove or look too big.

3.You will have space between your tied back hair and your braids.Gather the remainder of your braids and push them into that space gently.Think tucking.You're basically tucking those braids into that space.Keep going till all of the braids are in there and the ends are secure and not showing.

And that's pretty much it!You can accesorise with whatever you want,but this style pretty much works by itself and still looks great especially when your braids have been in for a while and look frizzy.I did this a lot after my twists had been in for 4 weeks.Here are some pictures of how mine turned out.