Ghana Natural Hair Chick: Is Castor Oil really all that we say it is?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Is Castor Oil really all that we say it is?

So we've probably all heard about the wonders of castor oil for hair growth and thickening.I use castor oil myself because of this thing that I read about it.Some of us have taken part in castor oil challenges so we can use it to grow our hair or edges,but is it really true?Does it really work the way we think it does?Here's an article I found which answers this question.Just click on this link and go read it.
After that,let us know if you agree or disagree.Maybe you have some personal experience with castor oil you want to share.We'd love to know!
And while we are on the topic,does it matter what type of castor oil you use?Here's another article comparing Black castor oil to regular castor oil.Just in case you always wondered,this is a very useful article.I hope these articles help answer some questions!
Til later,stay blessed.