Ghana Natural Hair Chick: Sunday hair and hair typing part 1

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday hair and hair typing part 1

I know that for a lot of people reading this you probably have heard about the whole hair typing thing as a natural and especially if you're an African like me with that head of African hair that looks like Cotton(lol) then you probably don't really care about all that hair typing.I came across this video today though and I really agree with what she said about knowing your hair type just to help youu pick products and methods that will work for you.I was also just like OMG!That looks so much like my!Check it out and I hope it helps anyone with any confusion about hair typing.I will be sharing more info on hair typing in the context of porosity in another post.

Yesterday was a wash day for me(or I should say wash was really busy so I ended up washing my hair after midnight.I simply sprayed on some water mixed with oil,applied the conditioning mudwash to my hair and covered with a shower cap for 30 minutes.After that I detangled and then washed it out,put on some Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque(because I'm trying it mixed with my shea butter mix,covered my hair with the shower cap again and went to bed.This morning I washed it out and I'm putting my hair into two strand twists after moisturising so I can do a protective style tonight.Because of that I don't have pictures of my hair today.
I however wanted to share pictures of past Sunday hair styles so you could be inspired.The first couple of pictures is just a side puff where the puff is placed on the left side of my face instead of on top of my head.The last picture is a regular puff.Enjoy!