Ghana Natural Hair Chick: The modified fro-hawk

Friday, March 15, 2013

The modified fro-hawk

Before I talk about my hair style,if you've looked at my regimen you probably noticed that I don't use a lot of commercial products.That's because I want to use all natural products as much as possible and since I like making stuff just mixing my own makes more sense.Plus I save money!
Today I wanted to do something a little more fun with my hair since I've been wearing lots of puffs and beanies.So i did a modified fro-hawk.I really like this hair style and I might try it again because its so cute.I thought the fro-hawk was a bit much for a science geek stuck in the lab all day so  it was perfect!Pictures below.Enjoy the pictures and don't forget to like,comment and also share your own story and pictures with us..

Till next time,stay blessed and beautiful!