Ghana Natural Hair Chick: My hair story

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Passive income online-FREE registration and training
Passive income online-FREE registration and training

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My hair story

My name is Yvonne and I come from Ghana.I started this blog because I realise a lot of African ladies really want to be natural but we are so used to going to the salon and having straight hair that trying to keep our natural kinky tough and crazy hair natural is daunting to a lot of us.I hope some of you will be encouraged by my story and the tips I have can help you out because making our hair manageable is the biggest issue!When we also consider that lots of products aren't available to us we are usually discouraged and go back to the relaxer.Hopefully I can help you to use products in Ghana to make your hair more manageable.
I have been fully natural now since August 2012(7 months thereabouts) when I cut off all of my permed hair.Before then I had been using a relaxer for years and my hair was ok but it wasn't as thick as I wanted it to be.I decided to go natural because I like thick crazy hair and I also wanted to learn to take care of my own hair especially after I noticed that when I started washing and styling my own hair while permed it was thicker and fuller.I also don't like heat so being natural is perfect for me.Plus,as a grad student my hours are crazy.I will not be able to take time off my work to go do my hais so this has been working out really great for me.
One big issue that I have personally faced is styling my hair since its in that awkward not long and not too short phase.Also,a lot us work or are in school  and since I am doing both I will be posting a picture of my hair style every day or every other day to help you to find inspiration on what to do with your hair.

Today,I simply sectioned out the front of my hair,put the rest up into a little puff on top of my head(you can use a headband with no metal or cut a piece from old tights or stockings and use that to push your hair up).I then pinned the front part in a 'peacock' style.Very convenient and quick style  for me since I was in a I hope you come back and check this blog for more stuff.Also,you can share your hair story(natural or relaxed) with me to be featured on this blog and help out others.Just post your email address in the comment box and I will be in touch.Till next time,stay healthy,blessed and beautiful!