Ghana Natural Hair Chick: Maintaining natural hair in Protective styling:Marley twists

Friday, March 22, 2013

Maintaining natural hair in Protective styling:Marley twists

Protective styles are good for retaining length because you reduce wear and tear on your hair,but it will do no good if hair isn't moisturised in the protective style.It is therefore really important for you to take care of your own hair while it's in protective styling,especially if you want to have healthy thick long hair.
It can be hard but totally worth it.For my marley twists,I basically mix distilled water with about 15% Extra virgin olive oil and 35% Aloe vera juice and spritz my twists to the point where my natural hair is.After that I usually take a little shea butter mixed with oils and leave in conditioner and apply to each twist.I only do that about 3 times a weak and after that just massage some castor oil into my edges and scalp.Fairly simple but works really well! What do you do when your hair is in protective styling?