Ghana Natural Hair Chick: Having realistic expectations for your hair(4C to 5Z)..

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Having realistic expectations for your hair(4C to 5Z)..

Haha!4C-5Z is kinda made up,but I laughed for like the first few minutes of the first video because she's really interesting and funny,and also because when she talked about the Wash n Go I remembered my own experience(and +AfroDiva Nally agreed with me on things just don't work out well with some hair types and porosity.If you don't believe me look at my first ever wash and go pictures below.I didn't agree 100% with everything she said but she made a lot of sense.There is no way I can just spritz my dry knotted up hair with water,fluff it up and just go out.I'd look!Its just the way it is and I wouldn't try to change it for anything!The second video is a response to the first one..and its also quite good!What do you think?Are they being dramatic or do you have the same issues?Comment,like,share,subscribe!Enjoy the video below..;).Till next time,stay fabulous and blessed!