Ghana Natural Hair Chick: Hair Shedding and wash day updates

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Hair Shedding and wash day updates

Hello everyone!
I believe we have begun this week ready to enjoy it.There are only two weeks left in 2013, so I recommend getting as much fun as possible out of 2013 before it goes away.And of course, if you have any health, hair or life goals left, 2 weeks is still plenty!I am definitely going to get at least one more item on my resolution list for 2013 squared off before 31 December.
If you read my last post, you probably know that I am struggling with a bit too much shedding from my hair.If you missed it, here are pictures to summarize the shedding:

Last week's shed hair
A whole pam full of shed hair

That's a whole palm full in case you can't tell! However,this was my first detangling after about 3 months, so I am guessing that may have been the cause.In order to prove that, +Annette Akye of Naturalista Gh suggested I detangle every week, collect the shed hair and put them together for 3 months in order to see if it would be this much.I've taken that suggestion and so this is the beginning!
This weekend I washed my hair in a rather abbreviated fashion.
Since I had my hair in medium size twists I untwisted about 3 or 4 twists at a time, then spritzed a mixture of olive oil,conditioner,black/herbal tea mix and coconut milk onto it.I then rubbed on more conditioner so my hair was  slippery but not dripping wet.Then I finger detangled, followed by a wide toothed comb.That was a very easy detangling!That was my prepoo step, if I was going to use a shampoo.Then I covered my hair with a plastic cap for a couple of hours before I finally co-washed.

The products used in my spray bottle

Untwisting hair-notice hair is  shiny!

After washing with my conditioner, I didn't feel I neded an Apple Cider vinegar rinse for clarifying,since I did one not too long ago.I did an oil rinse instead.This is an update to my regimen, since this is only the second time I've done it.The first time I did it was last week, and my hair was very shiny and moisturised (see picture above) even after a week, so I decided to do that consistently.The oil rinse for me is just olive oil poured into my hair while still wet,massaging it in and rinsing it out completely.After that I used the Shea Moisture leave-in conditioner and my whipped shea butter mix to seal in moisture. I retwisted my hair in smaller twists,since I will be wearing a hat the whole week.
 Here is how much hair I shed this time:
Such a reduction!

That's actually not bad for a week.I will try to keep up this regimen in addition to deep conditioning and other treatments to see how much hair I shed in a month.
How was your wash day and what are your current hair challenges?Head on over to Facebook and join the discussion on the Ghana Hair chick page!