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Passive income online-FREE registration and training
Passive income online-FREE registration and training

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Break the Silence about your hair

HelLO!It has been quite a while since I posted and I feel very guilty(guilty face).I've just been very busy with my school work and very tired.However today I just made up my mind to post something and here we are!I hope everyone has been doing great!My one year anniversary since big chopping came and went in August,and I did a length check video which I can now not find on my computer.I know,weird!But I will try and post some pictures of what I've been doing with my hair since June(wow..that's a have had several different protective styles including braids,kinky twists and wigs.

Currently,my hair is not in any style.I have an old bantu knot out from Sunday that I have been keeping under a cap to protect my ends from the cold.I also hennaed two weeks ago,and I should have taken pictures,but I didn't..(sad face).I will be doing it again and I will definitely take pictures then!
My hair isn't doing as great as I'd like.I have retained a lot of length,but the thickness is not improving so I'm looking for ways to fix that.I also think I may be shedding too much,but how much is too much?The shedding has always been a lot for my hair so I don't know if that's normal or not.Anybody ever have a similar hair issue?How did you fix it?

In other news,I had a friend make a comment about my hair and I was tempted to respond badly but stopped.Have you had such an experience?How did you deal with it?I'm still trying to find a way to respond,so let me know what I should
Finally,I will soon create a page on Facebook so that even if I don't post here I can share some pictures and other things on there, and you can also share your own pictures.Without much ado then,here are some pictures for the last 3 months!Enjoy.