Ghana Natural Hair Chick: Featured blog..and the politics of Good Hair

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Featured blog..and the politics of Good Hair

Going natural or learning to take care of your own hair is more political than I thought.I watched Chris Rock's Good Hair recently and even though some things have changed with regards to relaxers,a lot of the issues remain the same.Its all about the money,from the relaxers to oils to combs to Indian and Brazilian hair.If you haven't watched that movie,I recommend it for anyone looking to gain insight into all the different aspects of hair on People of African origin.In effect,I believe that the change towards natural hair is cutting revenue for companies that make products for chemically treated hair.However,they are already bouncing back and making products that they market to us for natural hair.I guess this isn't a bad thing,but at the end of the day,no matter what kind of marketing they do or whatever image we are told to have,I think that it is a very personal decision how someone chooses to wear their hair and so long as they are happy and healthy its not anyone else's place to tell them what to do.However, it is really important to watch movies and documentaries like this one because then you get a lot of information and you can make an informed choice.Enough said. I've posted the trailer below.If you like it and want to know how you can watch it,please comment below and I'll let you know.

Today's featured blog is the first Ghanaian blog on hair I ever read.When I first became natural I was looking for information for my hair written by someone
Afrodiva Nally,one of the writers of Ghanaian Emprezz
Afrodiva and Abena,the bloggers at Ghanaian Emprezz
who could relate to me,especially since I am African and sometimes getting some products for my hair was difficult.I also just wanted to know that it was possible to keep this really tough hair texture natural.Its written by two lovely ladies,one with relaxed hair and one with natural hair(side note:her hair is just fabulous!).Ghanaianemprezz is also evolving to be a completely natural hair blog since Abena,one of the bloggers,is transitioning.If you're transitioning definitely visit the blog for tips on maintaining your hair during transitioning.Their old posts on relaxed hair are still up as well.They share a lot of good information
on haircare for mainly Ghanaians since they live in Ghana. However a lot of their posts are also quite applicable to everyone so please check them out.They also make videos with tutorials and hair care tips that will be very helpful.
I will resume the series on Hair Basics soon so don't forget to keep coming back!Please comment,subscribe and share any posts that you find useful.Thank you so much for reading.Till next time,stay blessed and fabulous!