Ghana Natural Hair Chick: So You decided to go natural,now what?

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

So You decided to go natural,now what?

You've probably been relaxed for a while.If you haven't you maybe have short hair and you've decided it is time to turn that into a full natural hair pursuit. You've looked at pictures,read blog posts,watched videos and have decided that it is time for you to give this natural hair thing a shot.So at this point you're probably asking,what now?Before you read my response if you haven't read the first part of this article,please read it here for some very basic information that will help you in this part.
In order to begin the natural process for your hair,I would urge you to consider how you want to do it.There are 2 main ways to go.First would be to just be brave and experimental,and chop off all your hair right now.That way you end up with a really short cut(kind of like some African high school girls had to wear for school).If you want to change your look and just go for it,that's a really cool way to go.
However,if you aren't sure you will look as good in really short hair(or no and you don't want to try it,then the second path you can take is that of transitioning.In this case,you don't use relaxers or anything 'chemical' on your hair to grow it out.As the new growth gets longer,you can
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choose to cut off a little bit of your hair at a time over a long period of time till you have only the natural growth left,or you can just transition for a fixed period of time and then cut off all the permed part of your hair.This would involve quite a bit of time,because your permed hair and natural hair will have different textures.Its usually pretty difficult dealing with both,but if you moisturise your hair well then its easier.

Either method you use would require you to adapt a strategy that will work for you,make you comfortable and still keep your hair healthy.Personally,I just got a
weave-on and left it in for 3 months and after I took it out,I cut some of my relaxed hair off to change my look up.Then I got braids for some weeks and after taking them out,another weave.Then I got all my relaxed hair taken off(the Big Chop).This entire process of transitioning for me took around 6 months before I was comfortable enough that my new growth was enough to not make me look wierd(lol) before I cut off the rest of my hair.Some people choose to do it with wigs or other protective styles.The more courageous of us of course just take the plunge and chop off all their hair and rock the short look.Whatever will work for you,use it.However the thing to remember is that during this time you will begin to start taking care of your hair and learning to know it,so that when you have completely natural longer hair,you can still care for it.
After the big chop when your hair is completely natural,is usually a good time to try and experiment with different products that you may want to use for your hair over time.You can do this if you transition,but in some cases the products that will help you during transitioning will not help you after your hair is completely natural so keep that in mind.
I'm sure by now the question you're asking is,what about products?I'm going to do another post on that tomorrow so you can learn what products to use while transitioning and when you first become natural.In the meantime,here are some of my transitioning and big chop pictures.Till tomorrow then stay blessed and fabulous.

 Big Chop!!